Monday, April 29, 2013

Join us for an Oboe Reed Maker's Boot Camp June 24-28

Oboe Reed Maker's Bootcamp June 24th-28th

Want to learn how to make reeds for the first time? Just looking to learn how to adjust the commercial reeds that you buy? Already know how to make reeds but want to refine your reed skills? Or, are you a reed making procrastinator who could benefit from joining a group of fun people to focus on reed making for a week and stockpile some great reeds for the summer and fall?

If so,  here's your opportunity! I'll be leading an 

Oboe Reedmaker's Bootcamp
June 24-28th 2013
 Eau Claire, WI

We'll be working on tying fundamentals, knife technique, understanding the parts of the reed, troubleshooting guidance for reed refining and adjustment, and everything else under the sun that pertains to reed making. The sessions will be 2, 2.5 hour sessions each day, leaving you time to take an optional oboe lesson, practice your oboe, possibly play in ad hoc chamber groups, and to explore the lovely Eau Claire area (float down the Chippewa River on a raft, enjoy an outdoor concert, miles of bike/running/skating trails, fishing, boating, the Eau Claire Downtown Farmer's Market, mild Wisconsin summers, etc, etc!)

I'm here to help you become a better reed maker. Come join us at the reed table for a week of great learning in an informal setting. College students and amateurs are welcome! Since this is a part of OboeForEveryone, the pay is **totally negotiable** but I am suggesting a donation to cover the cost of cane, etc. which will be supplied for beginning reed makers. Can't make the entire week?  Drop in for a day or two for a pro-rated rate if you wish.

Are you in? Contact me at:

My reed making background:  I've been making reeds for over 20 years, having studied the art of reed making with greats such as James Brody (Oboe Professor at the University of Colorado, Boulder), Elaine Douvas (Oboe Professor at the Juilliard School and the person who taught me how to make the "5-minute reed"), and David Weber (owner of Weber Reeds and co-author of The Reed Maker's Manual) and inspired by the oboe teachings of Marc Lifschey (he was my undergraduate teacher, but didn't teach reed making). I have a thorough understanding of WHY reeds work and take the mystery out of reed making for my students to make reeds quickly and consistently.

I look forward to seeing you here in June!

The Oboist

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