Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Here Ye, Here Ye!

This is a public announcement of the newly formed chamber ensemble, Two by Four. Or maybe that's 2 x 4. We'll have to see which one looks best on a CD jacket and fan T-shirts. :) Anyhoo, I've teamed up with awesome bassoonist of the world, Dr. Karen Atria, currently of Columbus, OH, formerly of Pittsburgh, PA, formerly formerly the "Lady of Pearl Cottage" in Scotland, and formerly formerly formerly formerly, a graduate school colleague and apartment mate at 1818 19th St. in Boulder, CO. We've performed A LOT together, but not in the recent past, so this will be a BLAST for us to create some music together and share it with you, our listeners. Upcoming events include the 2010 Eau Claire Summer Series, and then we'll take the world by storm. So, watch out and stay tuned for more information.

Any you, gentle reader? What have you created in your musical world since our last meeting? Any interesting New Year's resolutions to share? PLease feel free to post comments below!

For now,

Oboe and Out