Friday, November 11, 2016

UWEC Double Reed Camp 2017! Mark Your Calendars for June 25-30th!

Online payment available this year!

Mark your calendars and bring your friends! Sign up early to reserve a spot!  We'll limit the camp to 30 oboists and 30 bassoonists. Beginners through advanced levels are welcome and will be grouped with players of similar abilities for a very FUN and supportive learning environment.  There will be group classes, daily reed making intensives, guest artists, large and small ensembles, and individual lessons for all participants. Adults and high school students will be in separate performance classes,  but large-group work for guest presentations, etc.  
Consider the camp registration for an unforgettable Christmas present or a special give for yourself. 
Fees: $460 Tuition/meals/double occupancy housing
          $485Tuition/meals/SINGLE occupancy housing
          $250 for day participants not wishing to stay in the dorms
Scholarships are available for high school students with demonstrated need.  Inquire at garveycn (at) for more information or camp specifics.

Right before our final celebration concert
2016 Oboe Faculty
Adult campers 

The 2016 Instructors
Having a blast during an improvisation workshop

The Bassoon Crew

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

 UWEC Double Reed Faculty
Dr. Christa Garvey AND Dr. Trent Jacobs

July 18-22, 2016
Fees: $150 Tuition
Optional housing & meals for double occupancy dorm: $205
Optional housing & meals for single occupancy dorm: $231

Come join fellow double reed players for a week of music, learning more about the oboe, and FUN!
The camp is divided into separate classes for adults and high school aged students and includes masterclasses, group lessons on etudes and technique, workshops, daily classes on improvisation led by Dr. Jacobs, daily, intensive reed making sessions, minor instrument repair, daily faculty recitals, a final group performance for all participants, and of course, FUN!

We will have a variety of skilled guest artists available to present masterclasses, workshops and performances. Guest teachers include Dr. Carrie Vecchione, oboe instructor at the MacPhail Center for Music, oboist Dr. Emily Kupitz,  and bassoonist Alex Widstrand. Dr. Molly Gebrian will also present her amazing presentation,  "What Musicians Can Learn About Practicing From Current Brain Research."

Participants can arrive on campus beginning Sunday, July 17th at 3pm with classes/workshops beginning Monday, July 18th at 9am.  Mon-Thurs classes will be held from 9am-5pm each day  and Friday  camp will be from 9-1 with the final participant concert from 12-1pm. In the evenings there will be supervised activities, games, campus concerts, movies, etc. 

For questions or more information contact me directly at:
To register,  fill out the form below.

All camp events will take place in the Haas Fine Arts Center on the University of Wisconsin Eau Claire campus beginning on Monday, July 18th. at 9am.
Map of UWEC campus  Adults: if you are able to and enjoy walking,  there is no need to have a car and there are a number of extra activities/restaurants/shopping available within a 15-minute walk from campus. Limited city bus service is also available.

Travel to/from Eau Claire:  Eau Claire, WI is located just off of I-94, 90 miles east of the Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota metropolitan area.   Eau Claire, WI is a 5 hour drive north and west from Chicago, IL , and less than 3 hours from Madison, WI.

There are two options for air travel: fly into the Minneapolis/St. International Airport and take the Chippewa Valley Airport Shuttle to Eau Claire and taxi service is available to campus (we may be able to arrange to pick you up from the Eau Claire shuttle drop-off to campus, so let me know your flight schedule!) Or, though more expensive, you can fly directly into the Eau Claire Regional Airport (2 flights daily, all from Chicago O'Hare) and we can pick you up from the Eau Claire airport and drive you to campus housing.

Housing: the dorm housing is either single room or double occupancy  from Sunday July 17- Fri July 22 and a cafeteria meal plan is available.  Linens (sheets and towels) are provided with each room. There is no air conditioning available at this time. Participants who are under 18 will have chaperones for supervised activities around campus and in the dorms.   Participants living in the area may wish to bring sack lunches or purchase meals on campus each day but sleep at home--the option is yours.

Things to do in Eau Claire in the summer:

The average weather in Eau Claire during July is 83F during the days and 60F at night,  although that is just an "average." Please check for weather conditions before packing and bring a raincoat/umbrella in case of a good old Midwestern thunderstorm.

For the most up to date lists of everything fun, cultural/artsy foodie and even quirky to do in Eau Claire,  check out the Volume One magazine

The Haas Fine Arts Center is located directly on the Chippewa River State Trail, connecting user to over 70 miles of trails for biking, running/walking.


Friday, March 25, 2016

More details on the Summer Double Reed Camp July 18-22, 2016!

Hi All-

It's tough to express in words how EXCITED I AM to meet you and work with you at the University of Wisconsin Eau Claire Summer Double Reed Camp July 18-22nd!

I'm putting together a REALLY IMPRESSIVE lineup of guest presenters/reedmakers/performers/teachers and I'll have more to report later. For now,  check out the link


that takes you to my website to register, fill out our form that will help us tailor the camp to your goals, and read more info on the camp/travel info, etc.

Send me an email at if you have specific questions that we can help you with.

How great is that??

See you soon!

Oboe and out,

The Oboist

Friday, March 18, 2016

Come spend a week in beautiful Eau Claire, Wisconsin July 18-22 and have fun with fellow double reed players!


Come spend a week in beautiful Eau Claire, Wisconsin July 18-22 and have fun with fellow double reed players!

I'm excited to announce the University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire Summer Double Reed Camp for adult amateurs and high school students!! When: July 18-22. What: The camp will be divided into 2 concurrent camps for high school students and adults. There will be daily workshops, masterclasses, reed making classes, double reed ensembles, lessons, concerts/recitals, guest artists, and most importantly, FUN! Tuition is only $150 for the entire week and dorm housing is available for $100/wk for double occupancy or $126 for single rooms with a meal plan available.
 Contact Dr. Christa Garvey ( for more information or to reserve a spot.

The main instructors will be:

Dr. Trent Jacobs, bassoon
Dr. Christa Garvey, oboe

High school students: this is your opportunity to improve LOADS in a short amount of time AND have fun with fellow oboists and bassoonists. Each student will receive intensive individual and group instruction, daily reed making workshops, participation in double reed ensembles, attend faculty and guest recital concerts, and lots of fun activities throughout the day.

Adults: Each student will receive intensive individual and group instruction, daily reed making workshops, participation in double reed ensembles, attend faculty and guest recital concerts.
The adult sessions will be in the morning and early afternoon, leaving time for participants to practice and enjoy the beauty of our area and enjoy the downtown Eau Claire area that is walking distance from campus (limited bus service is also available). We will also have evening concerts and time to enjoy the many outdoor evening events happening in Eau Claire in the summer. Rent or Bring a bike! The campus is located right on the beautiful Chippewa River and over 60+ miles of enjoyment on the Chippewa River Bike Trails. Weather averages in Eau Claire during July are 83F days/60F nights,  so come and enjoy the temperate climate.

This camp is for beginners through advanced players--all are welcome to participate in this week-long  event to learn a lot and have FUN being with other double reed players.

Contact me at for more information.

I look forward to meeting you!

The Oboist

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Oboe Camps for Teens and Adults!

Hi All-

OK,  just letting the cat out of the bag with some early information so you can mark your calendars.  I'm planning 2 different oboe camps for July,  *tentatively* July 18-22.   One camp will be offered for teens, another for adult beginners and amateurs. Most of the classes will be separate and offer housing on the UW-Eau Claire campus at a very reasonable fee (still tentative, but around $100 for the entire duration of housing!). I'm still negotiating the tuition fee, but want it to be as low as possible for all of you. There will be masterclasses (think group lessons), presentations, reed making, double reed chamber music, and lots of fun things to experience on campus and in the downtown area. Oboe fun and more oboe fun and even more oboe fun!

Mark your calendars and send me a note at for more information!  I'll be posting a brochure as it gets made, but let me know if you have any questions. I really hope to see you there.

So excited, so excited!

Oboe and out,

The Oboist.


Saturday, January 9, 2016

New Year Resolutions, Anyone?

Welcome to 2016, everyone!

I wish you a year filled with wonderful musical collaborations and excellent reeds.
First,  I want to celebrate the fact that Oboe For Everyone has been able to place over 125 oboe students to great teachers!  Hurrah!

Now,  onwards and upwards!  This year I'm planning another "Reed Bootcamp" (more on that later),  I will begin offering a 3-lesson series of online lessons to interested oboists (all ages and levels are welcome!), and am looking forward a recording project of chamber music by Bach,  a concerto performance with the Eau Claire Chamber Orchestra, and much, much more.

My question to you:  What new year oboe resolutions have you made (and still  kept)?  What are you looking forward to in this upcoming year?  What suggestions do you have for blog topics or youtube videos that I can create for you?

Gotta get practicing,  but Happy New Year, everyone!

Oboe and out,

The Oboist