Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Road trip to the John Mack Oboe Camp Masterclasses in North Carolina!

Hi All!

The Oboist is packing up to go to the John Mack Oboe Camp (JMOC) at the Wildacres Retreat outside of Little Switzerland, North Carolina!  The camp,  a series of masterclasses for oboists first led by the legendary oboe pedagogue, John Mack, have been held almost continuously since 1976. Since the passing of Mr. Mack,  the "camp" has been led by his former students.  This year Jeanette Bittar and Dwight Parry will be leading the group classes for students (college age, professionals, teachers and advanced amateurs) performing etudes, solos, and orchestral repertoire. The idyllic mountain surroundings and supportive environment makes this one of the most perfect places on earth to intensively study everything oboe for a week!

For more info on the camp, click here:

The first time I participated at the camp,  I was a mere 17 years old. What an experience it was to be surrounded by, and learning from, so many fine oboists! And the last time I participated in camp was in 2005,  the last year that Mr. Mack was living.  So,  it's been a while since I last set eyes on this special place.  But I'm super excited to be bringing 3 of my college students this year, who will be playing in the masterclasses!

I'm taking 2 students with me,  and we've got a 15 hour, 1000 mile drive ahead of us from Eau Claire, WI to North Carolina.

We're leaving early tomorrow and hope to spend the night somewhere around Lexington, KY.  (We of course welcome any suggestions on great places to eat!)  :)

Camp begins on Friday,  so maybe we'll see you there?  Or,  if I can muster enough wifi,  I'll be sending updates to all of you over the course of next week to share what we're learning.

Gotta get packing up my oboes, reed tools and music,  so that's all for now.

Oboe and out,

The Oboist.