Friday, November 11, 2016

UWEC Double Reed Camp 2017! Mark Your Calendars for June 25-30th!

Online payment available this year!

Mark your calendars and bring your friends! Sign up early to reserve a spot!  We'll limit the camp to 30 oboists and 30 bassoonists. Beginners through advanced levels are welcome and will be grouped with players of similar abilities for a very FUN and supportive learning environment.  There will be group classes, daily reed making intensives, guest artists, large and small ensembles, and individual lessons for all participants. Adults and high school students will be in separate performance classes,  but large-group work for guest presentations, etc.  
Consider the camp registration for an unforgettable Christmas present or a special give for yourself. 
Fees: $460 Tuition/meals/double occupancy housing
          $485Tuition/meals/SINGLE occupancy housing
          $250 for day participants not wishing to stay in the dorms
Scholarships are available for high school students with demonstrated need.  Inquire at garveycn (at) for more information or camp specifics.

Right before our final celebration concert
2016 Oboe Faculty
Adult campers 

The 2016 Instructors
Having a blast during an improvisation workshop

The Bassoon Crew


  1. Good Day Dr Garvey,
    I am re-born 40 years old oboist from Poland. Re-born - because I have not played for almost 20 years, and now I am trying to restart... I read Your blog and watch your videos, and I like the way you explain things - easy and straight. Really.
    There is one thing I would like to ask you about. Unfortunately I suffer one thing when playing - a bursts of pressure into my head, and the pain at my temples and over the eyes - especially when playing G in middle octave and above. My question is - would that be a problem with posture, or air support or rather embouchure/head position? I should mention I play 'Legere' reed, which is a bit hard...
    I really appreciate any reply and suggestion.
    With regards

    1. Gerard-
      Thanks for the note! Hmmm, it seems like the situation of too much air pressure being used to play the oboe could be from a resistant reed. Make sure that you are sitting/standing with ease, and only think about the air support coming from right below the navel/belly button. You shouldn't have to work too hard to get a good sound and response to play the oboe that it is painful. If you have an oboist near you, take a lesson for one on one help--I bet your problem can be easily solved in person by an experienced oboist. WELCOME BACK TO THE WORLD OF OBOE!

  2. Thank You for the advice,
    I will concentrate on the support and talk to oboist nearby. And probably you are also right about the reed resistance: 'Legere' reed is not as 'legere' as its name says... however it has a lot of advantages (but that is another story).
    Thank You again!

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