Monday, May 27, 2013

Update: Reed Making Bootcamp in Eau Claire, WI June 24-28

For those of you who are interested in the Reed Making Bootcamp June 24th-28th in Eau Claire, WI,  here are some more details.

1. The camp is perfect for beginning oboe and English horn reed makers,  experienced reed makers wishing to refine their reed making skills,  or anyone wanting to join in with fun people to stockpile great reeds for the summer and fall.

2.The reed making sessions will be from June 24-28th and consist 2,  2.5 hour sessions each day (one from 10-12:30 and another from 3-5:30). The sessions will take place in my office at UW-Eau Claire. In-between those times I will be available to teach 30 min oboe lessons to anyone interested (3 lessons for each student over the course of the week are available). 

3. If there are enough reed makers,  we could have some ad-hoc duo, trio, or oboe ensemble sight-reading sessions for fun.  There will be ALL levels at the reed table,  from several beginners to professionals, high-school, college,  adults. The aim is to welcome a diverse community of oboe lovers who simply want to learn more about reed making, playing oboe, and learn from each other in good company.

4. There will be no fees for the reed sessions,  just come as you can. However,  I will have quite a bit of gouged/shaped/folded cane available,  and I ask that anyone using the cane makes a donation to help cover those costs.    

5. If you are under 18 years of age,  please have your parents contact me.  Please note that I am not able to provide supervision outside of reed sessions, transportation, or housing. Hopefully in years to come if there is sufficient interest we can organize this into a more formal event with housing, supervised activities for minors outside of reed sessions, etc.

6. Do you need tools for reed making? Contact me for a list of tools you'll need and places to get them.

Contact:  Hope to see you there!

Oboe and out,

The Oboist

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