Sunday, October 21, 2012


Congratulations to Alex, Katie and Johnathan---you're in print!!!!

The three students worked on a student-faculty collaborative research project this summer to examine the effects of relative cane hardness on reed making.  We processed and carefully measured three pounds of oboe cane and then made literally piles of reeds.  The university funded their research time,  so the students got paid to improve their reed making skills.  How cool is that????  At the end of the summer we examined our research and wrote an article together. Fingers were flying and sentences were edited at light speed as we used Google Docs on four separate laptops to write the paper together in the same room. So fun to see such energy involved in a collaborative writing project!

But why should I explain it here?  You can read all about it in The Double Reed vol. 35, No. 3 pp. 89-94.  The online version will be at

Pretty cool for my undergraduate students to be curious about reed making, spend the summer making and studying reeds, and have a publication in an international journal to add to their résumé!  

 So,  what research project shall we propose for this summer?

Oboe and out,

The Oboist


  1. Congrats to the three students! Great work! And congrats to you to mentoring meaningful undergraduate research!


    1. Thanks, Jan! It was a really great experience, especially to see how excited and curious the students were through it all. I hope it's a beginning of many more projects to come from them!